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Booking Channels

We list and promote your property on the major booking platforms. We work with over 30 channels.


Dynamic pricing

We monitor and adapt your prices daily, using software solutions to guaranteed high returns. When you do well, we do too!


24/7 customer service

At 4hosts, we pride ourselves on our top-quality customer service with 24/7 contact hours so that no issue goes unresolved!

Cleaning and Laundry Services

Maintaining cleanliness in our homes is one of our top  priorities. Our professional team of cleaners carry out seamless daily check-outs, clean-ups and re-stocking, for the perfect guest experience.


We exercise thorough risk assessment in and around your property to ensure a level of security that provides peace of mind.

household Supplies

After each check-out, we will restock your property with essential kitchen and bathroom supplies.

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Our short-rental start-up began in Canada in 2015. We set up our first homes in Squamish and Vancouver in British Columbia, taking inspiration from the natural surroundings. We gained hands-on experience through seasonal rental trends and exponential guest traffic, taking pride in delivering unforgettable experiences.


Our goal is clear. when you do well, we do too.

increasing your revenue improves our commission.



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" Everything about this place was amazing! The hosts were kind and helpful. The house was always clean and it made you feel fancy just staying there. 10/10"

Than Johnson

"That Villa is a remarkable place to stay. One part luxury hotel and one part castle... "

Tom Richardson

" I'm cooperating with 4hosts for a year, it was my best decision to give them my Villa! "

Danny, Mexico

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